Kimuda is the perfect choice for your business needs.

PT Kinerja Mutiara Persada (KIMUDA) Indonesia is the chemical manufacturer dedicated for textile application. As a manufacturer as well as distributor of basic chemicals for textile industries especially for SIZING CHEMICAL, Kinerja Mutiara Persada (KIMUDA) exist to do some breakthrough in textile industries that makes us DIFFERENT.

Business Overview

Our business lines are focused on modern-technological sizing agent for spun and filament yarns. It designed to meet very specific needs with as much precision as possible.

Cost and Energy Efficient

Flexibility in Application

Environmental Friendly

Quality & Service Excellence

Vision & Mission


Our commitment to bring a brighter future for textile industries had lead us to a broad company vision of Leading the Sustainable Business to a Brighter Hope of Everyone’s Tomorrow.


To conduct a sustainable business means; we, at the first place, have to do and create something or anything that would support all of our stakeholders grow safely with lesser sacrifices. Therefore, it’s a very important mission for us to invent, develop, and assure better products and methods for everyone’s beneficial; through the spirit of sharing, listening, and caring.


KIMUDA’s products (VECTOR) have received the International Oeko-Tex® Association’s Eco Passport, certification for safe and sustainable textile chemicals. The Oeko-Tex® Eco Passport is an internationally recognised safety and environmental certification for manufacturers of textile processing chemicals and chemical compounds such as sizing Compound, Dyes Stuff, additives, finishing agents, etc.

The ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certificate involves a two-stage verification process so that manufacturers of chemicals and products for the textile industry can demonstrate that their products comply with all the criteria demanded of environmentally-friendly textile production.

The two stages are distinct but complimentary.

Stage 1 : Screening using the Restricted Substance List and Manufacturing Restricted Substance List.

Stage 2 : an analytical verification performed at one of the OEKO-TEX® member institutes.

A product which is approved will be granted the ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certificate.

KIMUDA’s products (VECTOR) already complied with The Global Organic Textile Standard, popularly known as GOTS.

GOTS itself is a leading textile processing standard. This standard includes ecological as well as social criteria, which are backed up by independent certifications of the entire textile supply chain.

The GOTS certification, on the other hand, is accepted internationally with one framework and one set of criteria.

Going through extensive testing and reviewing at each step of aspect :

1. Environmental Aspects

Our raw material has to be free from of harmful chemicals and pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or GMO (genetically modified organism)

2. Production Aspects

KIMUDATM strictly concern about its supply chain, from raw material planning to manufacturing/production process and delivery.

3. Social Aspects

It means that we follow labour regulations, decent wages & working hours regulation.

Becoming a GOTS certified label is not an easy task; one must go through a wide range of tests and quality inspections but the end result is a chemical free, environment friendly and socially responsible product that is sure to give the brand an advantage in worldwide markets.

KIMUDATM products are certified by Control Union C 876465-01-2021